Turtles in Chania

My niece Katie is 19 and is working for a turtle sanctuary in Chania, Crete. The Archelon project involves ‘monitoring 14 km of nesting beaches, and the volunteers protect and monitor the nesting female turtles, the nests and hatchlings, and promote co-operation with local communities, authorities and the tourist industry in order to ensure the long-term […]

The Cover

Welcome to my website, which was built by Hector from Sweden. I hope he’s over 18 years old, or I may have been commandeering homework time from a schoolboy. My first novel, The Wrong’un, was published by Unbound in 2018. My second, All Grown Up, is currently being published by XXXXXXXX (Since this post, they […]

Will Self-Censorship Lead To Literary Apartheid?

A version of this article was printed in the Byte the Book newsletter in Sept 2021: My first novel, The Wrong’un, is about a dysfunctional family with toxic secrets, and features mainly white characters. It’s not about race. My second novel, All Grown Up isn’t about race either; it’s about sexual consent and it features […]

Small Passing by Ingrid de Kok

Originally posted 23rd Sept 2019 According to the Guardian, losing a child isn’t such a horrendous experience if you’re rich and privileged… referring to David and Samantha Cameron’s ‘privileged pain’ at the death of their severely disabled son, Ivan, who died suddenly in 2019 aged 6, the paper has subsequently apologised for this staggeringly grotesque […]