Cathy evans

Cathy Evans is an author and the editor of, a website that publishes short stories of all genres from authors around the world. She is a trustee of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival and oversees their annual short story competition. Her first novel, The Wrong’un, was published in 2018 by Unbound. She is a co-founder of Inkspot Publishing.

She was born in South Africa, and grew up in a family of bookworms in Swaziland and Malawi. She and her siblings were among a band of feral children growing up in the heart of the African bushland, in tiny communities populated by the good, the bad and the ugly.

After a degree in English Literature and Psychology with UNISA (the University of South Africa), she worked in the City for twenty years. She is currently a Non-Executive Director for Phoenix Copper Limited, which focuses on the exploration of green metals in Idaho, USA.

She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and daughter. She also has three grown-up stepdaughters.


Meet the Newells, a big family of good lookers and hard grafters. From their sleepy working class backwater, the siblings break into Oxford academia, London’s high life, the glossy world of magazine publishing and the stratospheric riches of New York’s hedge funds. 

Then there’s Paddy, the wrong’un in the midst, who prefers life’s underbelly. 

As things fall apart around his sister, Bea, is Paddy behind it all? And why does matriarch Edie turn a blind eye to her son’s malevolence? Will she stand by and watch while he destroys the lives of her other children? Just how much is she willing to sacrifice to protect her son?