The Black Samurai

The Black Samurai has its own website (see link below.) 

I co-authored this book with X and Y, whose names will be revealed closer to publication. They are temporarily shy for a good reason.

X is a Curaçaon martial artist, and Y is his Japanese sensei. 

Before getting involved in co-authoring TBS, all I knew about Martial Arts was what I’d learned watching Kung Fu Panda.

Now, I’m an armchair warrior.

How it started

I’ve known X for 20 years. We both worked in finance together. Shortly after my first book was published, he asked if I’d help him write a book loosely based on Martial Arts, specifically how it had helped him in different spheres of his life. 

It got him out of a midlife crisis, it helped him cope with an intensely stressful job, it gave him an insight into how to improve his relationships with family, friends and colleagues, it showed him a way to better guide his children, two mixed race boys, through the minefield of racism as they were living in a predominantly white country. It even made him a better golfer.

If I wasn’t such good friends with X, I would have told him to find someone else, as Martial Arts is really not my bag. 

I’m so grateful I said yes. 

He introduced me to Y, his Japanese sensei, and the book quickly morphed into a much wider project. Being an armchair warrior does not require anything of you other than living your best life.

We delve into the Wim Hof Method, Breathing, Mindfulness, Meditation. We examine Epigenetics, and how we can actively influence our own genome. We look into Creativity and how to foster it, the origins of Religion & Spirituality (two of us are not religious and one of us is a Buddhist.) and we also discuss Racism and how to overcome Prejudice.

We have had so much fun writing this book, and have learned so much.  That joy has reached every page.

This is not a self-help book. Instead, it examines real life situations and illustrates what works. 

It’s a bit like sitting at a bar and having a drink with a highly entertaining samurai.

I’ll publish updates on the book’s progress, and as soon as I can, I’ll post a pre-order link.